-Clark Architects, inc

"The LED Light system that Green Power has installed has provided our office with natural light and softens the atmosphere. We work on computers 8 - 10 hours a day, and the new lighting is very comfortable on the eyes. Green Power's owner has experience and extensive knowledge of the LED Products! Additionally, we have noticed a significant savings in our electric bill. We are very pleased."

-Jeff London, Film Producer, A Warm Wind

"Thank you Green Power and Timothy Dam for showing us that LED would work well on our movie sets to provide a nice look and save money. Your technical experience got us what we needed and was a fast setup. The lighting is even and natural, and one of the best things is the lighting produces very little heat (almost none) which kept the cast and crew cooler. I'm now replacing the lighting in my home to save on electric costs. Thanks for keeping us cool!"

-Rebecca Main, The Main Stitch Upholstery

"Green Power has installed the best LED lights for our shop! The service is outstanding, and above any other. We are very happy with our LED lights and the quick service. They have a customer for life."

-P & L Custom Jewelry

"We have had our lights now for about a year and a half, and we have been very pleased, not only with the brightness, but the savings in energy. We have heard nothing but good comments from our customers and they notice the change almost immediately. The customer service and support has been excellent."
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